Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We don't keep any customer financial information, period. We use Pay Pal or Square because they have the security in place to do the best job possible of keeping your data safe.

We need certain information to process your order and let you know the status of your order. This information that we keep includes your name, physical address(es), email address(es), order history and communications between you and us. I don't share any of this information with anyone else. It is only kept so we may fill your order and contact you if there are any problems or questions.

You may give us more information, such as your interests and personal preferences about being contacted with special deals or offers. If you give us this information we treat it the same way. You have entrusted it to us and we will not knowingly share it with anyone else without your explicit consent.

We take all the steps we can to keep your (and our!) information safe. We don't like it when our emails are sold or added to lists without our consent and we promise we won't do that to you either!

If you ever find you are receiving emails from us that you do not want, please use the unsubscribe link in the email itself or send us an email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the heading and make sure to mention the email address where you receive our emails. We will remove you from the email list as quickly as possible. We would be very sorry to lose you as a customer, but we will not send you emails you don't want.

In advance I'd like to thank you for trusting us. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us. We take your trust seriously!

LAST UPDATED: 07/10/2017